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ABCO Translators and Interpreters is an international multilingual translation, interpretation and language training company based in Toronto and serving clients from around the world. Moreover, Our firm is an International leader in the language service field. Especially, it draws on the expertise of more than 16,000 professionals with over 35 years of experience. Our language professionals hold degrees in various fields such as, business and commerce, engineering, law, linguistics, medicine, translation services and more to provide you with translations that are clear and accurate.

Through our worldwide network, we continue to expand our reach while still providing quality language translation services. We have the skills, knowledge and technology to work effectively during your tightest deadlines and in the most cost effective manner. Our team is committed to upholding our strong reputation, and completing each translation and interpretation to your specifications.

International language fonts

Typesetting and Font Creation

Our team also specialize in typesetting and font creation. In order to make sure that your business materials function well in international markets, we can create International language fonts to your specifications. Especially, With our team of desktop publishers we can create graphics, designs and full film output in virtually any language.

Building Relationships

Building Relationships Through Quality Service

Customer experience is very important to us,we are constantly upgrading and acquiring new reference materials to better serve you. Our main research library and individual translator libraries contain thousands of dictionaries and government terminology databases in hundreds of fields. With your feedback, we will deliver the best possible service and build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

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