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Translations mostly used for CIC (immigration), Government Agencies, Schools, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Employment, etc.

Starting at $48* per document

*ATIO certified translations are also available from $68 per document

Turnaround time:
1-3 business days


Translations accompanied by a sworn affidavit often used outside of Canada. These types of translation often required by Foreign Countries, Consulates / Embassies, for Legal Name Change Application, Courts, etc.

Starting at $98* per document

Turnaround time:
2-4 business days


Translation of company documents like manuals, brochures, website, employee hand-out, etc. These translations are without certification or paper copy required.

Starting at $0.21* per word

Turnaround time:
1-3 business days


Due to many variables such as time, place, language and equipment needs it is difficult to share a price range for our services,
however we would be more than welcome to provide you with a free quote.

*Cost and turnaround time may vary depending on the language, volume and complexity of the document.

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